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Specialty Douglas Fir

These Specialty Douglas Fir timbers are for the refurbishment of a bridge deck. The large section pieces are 10-5/16" x 12" x 13' long, special cut. Deck boards are 3" x 12" x 16'.

Maple Suitcase Jack Blocks

The Hardwood Jack Blocks are high quality enough to suffer the work load of the Railway car shop. They rest on top of steel jacks, being the "middle" between 2 pieces of steel. They stop the slippage. The heavy handle is a chain inside...

Nice Triangle!

this nice Hemlock triangle is for a mall sign believe it or not! It is the base of the sign, the 8' high sign made from chloroplast is folded into a triangle and slipped down over the heavy base. No windstorm will knock this...

Pedestrian and ATV/Golf Cart Bridge

Rated at 5000kg this 26' long bridge is built narrow so no motor vehicles can drive on to it. It is 7' wide and has a 42" high handrail and spans a full 24'. Built with treated Douglas Fir #1 and btr material it...

Shipyard Wedges

These Douglas Fir wedges are being used to support a ship being built in Vancouver. The "softer" wood wedges are used to "define" and follow the exact shape of the hull. Steel wedges could mar the finish or crease the steel. The particular wedges...

Bridges Delivered!

We delivered 3 bridges today, they are made in 2 sections, pre built into a "kit" and installed very quickly on site. These bridges are rated BC-CL625 for standard highway loading. These bridges have 4 pick up points for easy install with a crane...

Douglas Fir Truck Decking

We have several customers that need specialized truck decking. Generally speaking these are low-beds for transporting large excavators and dozers. The decks generally get abraded away as the machinery is heavy and the growlers (tracks) scrape the trailer deck.

Stop Log Panel install

Check this interesting installation pictures of a one piece Stop Log panel. The "fire hose" will be utilized to fill gaps after it is let down in the slot. By putting 15 psi of pressure in the hose it will "push" the panel to...

Custom Mats with steel plates

Sometimes we get asked for some interesting products. These were special mats with steel plates embedded between the timbers. In addition some had special drilled and plated holes through the mat. These were a structural floor for equipment at an elevated platform. Everything had...

Bob Carl – 85 years young!

Today we are cutting Balsam logs at the sawmill. Bob is checking the sawing and grading and making sure everything gets packaged up properly for the customer. Bob and Sylvia Carl started CarlWood Lumber Limited in March 1984, about 37 years ago. 

Specialized Timbers with angle cuts

These special angle cut timbers are being used in a 1.1 kilometer tunnel project in BC.  The timbers start with a base of 8" x 8" x 12' long Hem/Fir timbers angle cut to just the right length. The tunnel is roughly 25 feet...

Transition Mats AKA Ramps!

Transition mats are used wherever you have a large piece of equipment that needs to change elevation. These particular mats are used to get a crawler crane up on to our regular 12" thick Crane Mats. We can make any size of ramp, just...

Big Pipe! Big Dunnage!

These large diameter pipes are being moved with help from our custom sized contoured dunnage blocks. This is 9' diameter pipe and we built a sawn block and attached it to the 102"  6" x 6" base for safe truck transport.

Crane Mats – heading east

These Crane Mats left our plant today to head east to an infrastructure project. Our Crane Mats are used to keep heavy equipment on a steady base. Imagine the weight of lifting large tanks or electrical towers or wind towers. These mats keep the...

Blue Outrigger Pads

We make these special handled blue outrigger pads for a Crane Company to their own design. All plywood design, screwed and glued with poly-urethane, these set up pads are used on every job, for leveling, blocking and jacking. When they get squished in the...

Wheel Chocks!

Don't let your world roll downhill! We manufacture Wheel Chocks. These are simple plywood chocks with a rope handle.

Look here for more information

Hardwood Jack Pads

We manufacture many different Hardwood Jack Pads for a variety of industries. Often the pads are used between steel jacks and the steel equipment to reduce slippage and any scarring. Send us a message if we can help!

Timber Wedge – Large! double compound slope

These unusual wedges are for a Ship Yard, where they required a Timber wedge with two different slopes. They had to be strong to carry the weight of large machinery.  These wedges are about 20" tall x 48" wide x 11' long and are...

Rail Crossing Planks

These rail crossing timbers are 7" thickness x 10" wide x 20' long. You can see we custom saw the bottom triangle out of the pieces that are closest to the rail, so that they lay flat. Inside the "missing triangle" are the rail...

Hardwood Blocking….or a wood suitcase!

Check out these 4" x 16" x 32" Pacific Coast Maple Hardwood Jack Blocks. Complete with suitcase handles (but stronger). These will be used in a Rail Car shop where they do repair work. The Jack Blocks go between the steel jacks and the...

Stop Log Panel

This was a special project, a single Timber Stop Log Panel for a hydro project in the Slocan Valley, BC. This panel is 12" thick x 88" wide x 24' tall, built from Select Structural Douglas Fir, complete with steel bands for support, splines...

Ship Blocking…..a small Ship anyway!

These 12" x 12" x 24" Heavy Douglas Fir blocks are holding up a sweet 30' Grady White Sportfisher so it can receive bottom paint. This is a typical usage for our heavy blocks from 30' boats to 500' ships. Give us a call...

Big Pipe Skids!

These big pipe skids are 12" x 12" x 10' long and include a 6" deep cutout exactly the right size to hold a variety of large pipe/piles/tanks from 72" diameter to 108" diameter, using wooden wedges to finalize the size.  These particular wedges...

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