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Contoured Pipe Dunnage 36″ Diameter

This Pipe Dunnage is being used to load 36" OD pipe on trucks, 2 pieces of pipe on bottom of load, 1 piece of pipe centered on top of load. Dunnage is 6" x 6" x 96". This is the safest way to truck...

Ship’s Blocking

These blocks were an interesting job! The blocks are designed to fit against a ship's side and each one has multiple angles, in other words a different thickness in each corner of the block. A multi-angle wedge which led to a bit of head...

Rail Crossing Kits

We are building these Rail Crossing Kits for a customer, each "kit" comes with 5 middle pieces (between the rails) and 2 outside pieces (outside the rails). The pieces closest to the rails are bevelled to allow for the rail plates/nails to clear. This...

Floating Mats for a dock demolition

When our customer needed to demolish a large dock they needed to come up with a solution for dropping concrete waste onto a floating platform. Floating swamp mats was a quick and efficient answer. They float and they can take a lot of abuse....

Access Mats to site

Our customer used our Access Mats to bring in a thousand loads of structural fill to a site in Tsawwassen, BC. All the dump trucks ( transfer trucks) used this temporary roadway to avoid any damage to surrounding lands. Access Mats are 8' wide...

Temporary Dock!

Sometimes you need a place to dock the work boat! We supplied 4' wide x 30' long x 12" thick Crane Mats for both a ramp and the floating dock. Quick job!

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