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Truck Decking – Perfect Fit!

Customer purchased exact size Douglas Fir #1 and btr Structural timbers to fit his Low Bed trailer. The finished product looks good. The timbers will shrink over time  (especially in summer) but with the initial exact sizing the gaps will be small.

Outrigger Pads in Yellow!

These Outrigger Pads are for a Concrete Pumping company locally in Vancouver. They will place a steel pad 24" x 48" x 1/2" in the middle of the outrigger. This spreads the point load sufficiently for very heavy lifts.

Crane Pads 7″ x 60″ x 60″

These are 7" x 60" x 60" Timber Crane Pads. They will be deployed for a Grove Crane under the outriggers in a marine environment. Lifting hooks are attached to corners. Rods are 1" and are galvanised. Treatment is CCA and should last many...

Heavy Contoured Pipe Saddles

These contoured dunnage (Pipe Saddles) are 10" x 10" and feature a "scoop" for 48" outside diameter steel pipe. The key point when making this dunnage is a smooth saw cut and consistent size so the pipes are held "gently" and securely. These saddles...

Boardwalk Deck

Douglas Fir 3" x 6" for a boardwalk for ATV's and Dirt Bikes. We S1S this material (surface 1 side) so the deck is perfectly flat. Install the surfaced side down, bandsawn side up for better traction. These pieces are all 6' long. The...

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