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Rail Crossing Sign Posts

These are Yellow Cedar Rail Crossing Posts, you have probably seen them with the crossed white signs with black writing. We still have lots of work to do to them, we pre-drill them, we tee-pee the tops so the water runs off and we...

Jack Blocks for Rail Car Repair Shop

These jack blocks are used between steel jacks and the steel car bodies and axles, to stop steel on steel contact. They get heavy use. The black handles have chain inside them. The end handles on the 6" x 8" Maple Blocks are so...

Contoured Dunnage for loading 36″ pipe on trucks

Check out this nice contoured dunnage, 36" diameter pipe saddles, 3 across on single sided dunnage (for the bottom of the truck deck) and for between the layers of pipe (double sided). This will ensure nothing rolls around on the freeway! 


As this picture indicates the Rail Crossing Panels are underneath the train cars in this train yard. Machinery is already crossing the panels as they access the roadway and move machinery across the rail tracks. Nice graffiti on this rail car! Colourful at least!


Here is a follow up photo of the LR1600 Liebherr 660ton lifting capacity Crawler Crane sitting on Industrial Timber Products mats. The mats are 2 levels thick throughout the site. The curved over-pass beams are arriving on site for assembly. The over-pass will be lifted...

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