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Wide Timber Pads for a bridge lift

A customer required some very wide Timber Pads. These are 10' x 10' x 12" thick. They have 3 through rods 1-1/4" diameter. The lift engineer specified this size of pad to spread the point load of the out-rigger on the crane.

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Timber Pads for steel support posts

A customer is supporting a crane on top of a cement slab parking lot. The timber pads expand the point load to reduce the chance of damage. Once the crane has moved off the above slab the steel and timbers will be removed. The...

Custom Built Marine Dock

This marine float has been custom built to feature a step-down section. This allows easier access to kayaks, paddle boards, and boats! This dock is 4' x 14' made from CCA treated high-grade Douglas Fir, to ensure that it stands up to the wear...

Heavy Lift uses ITP Products in Vancouver

This picture is from a customer who was moving some large pieces of mechanical equipment. The picture notes how we supported the move by supplying shaped saddle dunnage (so the vessel wouldn't roll on the barge), special shaped timber pad to accommodate various shapes,...

Timber Bridge Demonstration

Here is how our Timber Bridges look when installed! This is in Abbotsford, BC at Riverside Equipment's yard. This particular bridge is 20' long and is delivered in two sections. It can be quickly deployed to cross streams or drainage ditches into a property....

Timber Triangles for Radio Repeater Stations

We manufactured these timber triangles in our shop. They were helicoptered to the top of a mountain as a kit and then assembled by a crew to create a stable base for a remote transmission repeater tower.

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