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Special Transit Mats

These mats are really special....12" x 48" x 120" complete with lifting plates and special connectors joining the timbers into a "beam". Super strong! They are being used on a Transit Project in Ontario.

Extra Heavy Duty 16″ x 48″ Digger Mats

When you are using a heavy 400 excavator on loose soil sometimes you need an extra heavy duty Digger Mat. These are 16" thick mats x 48" x 20' long with 2 cables (each end) for dragging. Our standard Digger Mat is 12" thickness...

Fiddling around with FIDS!

These are Fids. Used for Rope Splicing, these are particularly large ones (2-1/4" diameter by 21" long) for log boom and barge tow ropes. A fid is used to hold open rope knots and holes in canvas, and to separate the "lays" (or strands)...

Yellow Cedar Adventure Playground

Sometimes we get involved in some interesting projects! Check this Yellow Cedar Natural Adventure Playground, this is very cool, we supplied some timbers and flooring for this build to a good customer. Lucky kids!

Timber Wedges

These timber wedges are being used by a logistics company to secure large pipe from rolling. They are 6" tall and 12" on base, 45 degree cut, making the angle about 8" long. A squirt of polyurethane and a couple of nails will hold...

Fir Wedges for a Shipyard

These are 3" x 6" x 36" wedges from 3" heel to 1" toe with a chamfered edge. These are being used at a shipyard to support sheets of steel plate before welding.

Crawler Crane on Crane Mats

This selection of pictures explains well what Crane Mats are for......a stable base for very large Crawler Cranes. Maintaining a flat surface, widening the point loading, extending the base, keeping it all "flat" so the job can be accomplished quickly and safely. This also...

Biggest Timber Wedge in the World…..maybe

This giant timber wedge was 40" at the heel, 60" wide and 40' long. They feature fully engineered lifting hardware and a steel encapsulated toe. The special job was on a complex highway project where most of the lifts taking place were on 8%...

Contoured Dunnage for Dock Terminal

These contoured pipe skids were sent to a West Coast port to support some expensive coated 24" diameter pipe. Ropes around the special coated pipe keeps pipes separated when being transported. 

Big Long Sticks!

Check out these 2 long Douglas Fir Select Structural Timbers 12" x 12" x 40' long. To be used in a special trestle job! Call us for your special timbers!

Custom Sized Crane Mats

These custom sized mats which are 12" x 60" x 90" and 12" x 60" x 132" are being used on a trestle, they have to be perfectly sized in order to fit in a metal frame. We used a narrow dap so that...

Curbs for a logging bridge

In the outback of British Columbia we have a lot of Forestry Road Bridges. Sometimes they are concrete reinforced panels. These panels have galvanized rods sticking out each side. To maximize driving surface (width) the holding blocks, riser blocks and curbs are mounted in...

Crane Mats under a CAT

Sometimes it is desirable to protect the pavement and cement sidewalk! This is a big machine that is sitting on these Crane Mats, no damage is done!

Digger Mats in action on a residential jobsite

This excavator is "vibrating" in soldier "H" piles with a vibro pile driver on a residential job site. This job site happens to be a peat bog. The H piles on this job go to 20' deep and will have lagging (generally 4" x...

Hardwood Rail Car Blocking

This is the best blocking for jacking up Rail Cars where you have "steel on steel", which is a "slipping" hazard. These Hardwood blocks last for many years until they are saturated with oil and grease. The handles make them easier for the mechanics...

Timber Stop Log Panel

This Stop Log Panel is for a customer that is isolating a chemical sump in a large refinery. There are 2 panels and they will be dropped into channels where the back pressure (so to speak) will press the downstream edges of the panels...

Hardwood Wedges for a Shipyard

These Hardwood Wedges, that are 3" thick x 6" wide x 24" long with a chamfered 1" toe, will be used at a local shipyard for blocking up steel components prior to welding. A wedge means you can get it "just right". The advantage...

Douglas Fir 12″ x 48″ x 30′ Crane Mats

These mats are going to a customer in Washington for use on a Wind Farm project. These are fine looking mats, straight, square, flat topped, no wane and are built with 6 rods 1-1/4" diameter. They have notches or daps in the end for...

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