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Due to COVID-19, our office is closed to visitors. Trucks, deliveries, and couriers are allowed in the yard but are asked to stay outside and maintain social distancing from employees. 

Our team is monitoring the situation closely to ensure the safety of our employees and...

Shop Dog on a Stop Log!

Here is Timber Toby inspecting some Timber Stop Log Panels we are building. These panels will go to Yellowknife, NWT. Stainless lifting "ears", galvanized ballast plates, all Douglas Fir Select Structural with neoprene seals.

Douglas Fir Timber Package

Here is a nice Douglas Fir Timber Package we did for a friend of Industrial Timber Products. The wrap-around porch and special timber framing makes for an impressive structure. The Douglas Fir T&G decking on the ceiling is also a nice touch!

Contoured Pipe Dunnage 36″ Diameter

This Pipe Dunnage is being used to load 36" OD pipe on trucks, 2 pieces of pipe on bottom of load, 1 piece of pipe centered on top of load. Dunnage is 6" x 6" x 96". This is the safest way to truck...

Ship’s Blocking

These blocks were an interesting job! The blocks are designed to fit against a ship's side and each one has multiple angles, in other words a different thickness in each corner of the block. A multi-angle wedge which led to a bit of head...

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