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Access Mats to site

Our customer used our Access Mats to bring in a thousand loads of structural fill to a site in Tsawwassen, BC. All the dump trucks ( transfer trucks) used this temporary roadway to avoid any damage to surrounding lands. Access Mats are 8' wide...

Temporary Dock!

Sometimes you need a place to dock the work boat! We supplied 4' wide x 30' long x 12" thick Crane Mats for both a ramp and the floating dock. Quick job!

Trestle Mats for Bridge Project

We supplied these Trestle Mats to create a temporary bridge beside the actual bridge under construction. The temporary bridge provided a safe driving surface for the crawler cranes, redi-mix trucks, and all ancillary vehicles. Once the construction was completed, the temporary bridge was dismantled...

Hand placed Timber Stop Logs

These hand placed small Timber Stop Logs are being used in Ontario in a difficult to reach location through a manhole. They are light enough to manhandle into position without the use of a crane. The neoprene seal in the bottom of each stop...

Timber Blocking

These blocks are simple 6" x 6" x 24" full sawn Hemlock blocks. They will be used to block under heavy cement pre-stressed modules in preparation for installation at the Vancouver Airport.

Timber Stop Logs

These Timber Stop Logs are made from Douglas Fir Select Structural and come complete with neoprene seals and galvanized lifting ears. Each piece is 6" x 6" - 10' long. These seals are designed to reduce any leakage since these Stop Logs will be...

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