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How much of the bridge has to sit on the abutment on each end?

There should be a minimum of 12″ surface platform at each end of the installed bridge. Many of the Bridges installed to date, have used concrete step blocks, which have a 12″ step in the top of the block which matches the thickness of the bridge “bed”.


How do you store Crane Mats and Swamp Mats between jobs?

Crane Mats should be stacked with dunnage between the mats providing plenty of air flow. Do not wrap mats in tight plastic covers as that will promote rot. Protecting from rain would be ideal (in a shed).

How long will 4′ x 20′ Crane Mats last?

Under normal circumstances 12″ thick Crane Mats can last for 3-5 years under constant use (cranes for heavy lifts). Swamp Mats, also known as Cable Mats generally used by excavators, last much shorter, especially if you have a “hot dog” operator. If the Swamp Mats are “buried in mud” they have a “suction” when being moved. Gentle treatment will give years of service.

Do you rent Crane Mats or Swamp Mats?

No, we do not rent mats but we can recommend companies in your area that will rent and deliver to your project. Contact us for a referral.

Do you have Crane Mats and Swamp Mats in stock?

Yes! We keep Crane Mats and Swamp Mats in stock at all times. Sometimes Mats are needed in an emergency and we need to be ready!

How many standard 4′ x 20′ Crane Mats fit on a truck?

Approximately 28 mats fit on a Super B Train Truck

How many Access Mats 8′ x 14′ fit on a truck?

Approximately 54 access mats fit on a Super B Train Truck


What is good about your Plywood Outrigger Pads?

Our Plywood Outrigger Pads are an economical way to add stability and extra support to any aerial equipment equipped with Outriggers. Plywood pads are non-conductive, durable and easy to clean. Used on Fire Trucks, Utility Trucks, Concrete Pumpers and Mobile cranes, Plywood Outrigger Pads reduce the point load and add required stability in all ground conditions.

Stop Logs

What Timber Stop Log lifting devices do you manufacture logs for?

To be clear, we manufacture Timber Stop Logs, not the lifting devices. However we get involved in the design process at times. There are many different methods utilised to lift and lower Stop Logs. Large U-Bolts in each end of the log are common for shallow applications. Where a Harpoon lifting device is used we inset manufactured steel Harpoon receivers into the top of the log. Where a “beam and tong” set up is used for lifting we install “ears” or “lifting lugs” which the crane can remotely use to click and lift. We have also built Stop Logs with full metal “shoes” which slide on the end. The “shoe” has a lifting apparatus in the metal receiver. We can help bring the Engineer’s ideas to reality. For fish hatcheries, where small Stop Logs are utilised, we have designed a metal pin lift system. Call us for pictures 604.462.7517 or 1.866.462.7517.

How long will timber Stop Logs last?

This depends on storage and handling. Stop Logs frequently are only used once or twice per year for 1 or 2 week deployment while maintenance is being performed. Storage of the Logs is critical between deployments. They should be stacked with good dry dunnage between them to allow them to have full air flow. Ideally they would be covered in a “shed” or under roof to keep the sun and snow off them. Given good storage techniques Stop Logs can be expected to last 35 years before an Engineer may recommend replacement.

Do you do Custom Timber Products?

Yes! Email ([email protected]) a sketch and your idea. We have the capabilities to fabricate almost anything out of timber. We will get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if this is an item for us. If it isn’t for us we will try to send you the right direction as we know lots of other reliable suppliers that the job may suit.

Other products… Do you have any that aren’t listed on the website?

We have many products that we build that are not listed on our website. For example pipe saddles, ship ladders, round dowels, electric wire insulators, house brackets, corbels, cedar specialties, ship mast and spar stock and other unique products…
We are always interested in new products!

What is your standard lead time for delivery?

Lead time depends on the product item. Standard items (i.e. Crane Mats) we try to keep in stock for quick delivery but some complicated items like Stop Logs are typically built when ordered. Contact our Sales Team to discuss your order timeline.

Do you sell directly to consumers, architects and contractors?

Generally speaking, our products are sold direct or through our network of distributors. Call us to discuss your circumstance 604.462.7517 or 1.866.462.7517.

Is the price listed on the website the final price?

To ensure that customers are provided with the best value, every order is reviewed by our Sales Department. Current timber pricing, seasonal discounts and over-stock discounts are applied when possible. Custom options will also affect your final cost. You will receive an email or a  phone call to confirm your final cost.

Are your products built with sustainable timber?

Yes, of course. All of our timber comes from sustainable harvested second growth timber, generally speaking from the BC Coast. We are PEFC certified (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and adhere to a strict protocol when buying our raw material.

What currency are your prices listed in on the website?

All our prices are listed in Canadian dollars. We can also quote in US dollars.
Please contact us for competitive prices.

Do you have a minimum order?

All of our products have different minimum order requirements. Minimum quantities are shown on the product pages. Call us to discuss any requirements you have.

How many standard 4′ x 20′ Crane Mats fit on a truck?

Approximately 28 mats fit on a Super B Train Truck

How many Access Mats 8′ x 14′ fit on a truck?

Approximately 54 access mats fit on a Super B Train Truck

Can you arrange delivery?

Yes, of course, that is our job! Prices on the website are FOB our factory (Maple Ridge, BC) and then we add the cost of freight delivery using a variety of carriers that we trust. Unloading costs are for the customer account. We also ship overseas by 40′ container which can be direct loaded at our factory.

Do you accept VISA and MasterCard?

Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard and Cheques. We can also establish credit — please click here to view our credit application form.

Do you charge PST?

If you supply us with a PST number and tell us you purchase PST exempt, we will not charge PST. Please advise your PST number.

If we deliver product to another province in Canada we charge HST/GST as necessary from that Province.

If you purchase FOB  Maple Ridge, BC you pay only GST in BC (5%) and PST (7%) if applicable.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes. Please contact us for volume discounts. Everything depends on inventory levels and product volumes. Sometimes we have excess of an item, other times an item is short.

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