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Timber Wedge – Crane Moves on mountain slope

Look at these giant wedges, customer needs to operate a giant Crawler Crane on a 8% slope. We built 2 wedges 3" at the toe, 39" at the heel, 60" wide and 40' long. Featuring engineered lifting hooks, steel toe plate and 1-1/4" rods...

Flat Deck Truck Decking

We often supply Douglas Fir timbers for truck decking. Often we don't get to see how the installation went. In this case the Customer stopped by to show us how it worked out. You can't see it to well, but under the anti-slip metal...

Yellow Cedar Timber Playground

This currently muddy mess is a new playground being built with specialty Yellow Cedar timbers that we supplied. It will be the latest and greatest playground with natural materials, no pressure treated timber. It will include ramps and climbing walls and other structures for...

Helicopter Mats

These mats are going to Northern BC where they are being flown in to a remote job site. The mats are 6" thick x 96" wide x 12' long and weigh approximately 1900 lbs each. A drill will be flown in to sit on...


These extra Heavy Duty Digger Mats are 16" thick x 48" wide x 20' long and have 2 drag cables and 5 rods 1-1/4" diameter. . Typically for large 400 Excavators where you have heavy machinery working. Call us for a quotation.

Digger Mats for Vancouver Project

These are the standard!

12" x 48" x 20' Digger Mats have 4 rods 1-1/4" diameter and 2 cables 3/4" diameter. The thimbles on the cables surround the rod. The cables are used to drag the mats into position. Protect your ground, don't get your...

Timber supply and pricing

We live in interesting times. Timber prices are rising dramatically over the last months culminating in the highest levels ever for the second quarter of 2022. As a consequence we are chasing the prices up. It will come as no surprise that steel costs...

Rail Freight for Crane Mats

One of the frustrations with transport logistics recently has been the extreme costs of trucking in Canada because of the flooding problems we had in November 2021. All the highways were closed going north from the Lower Mainland (Vancouver). Truckers couldn't get to the...

Timber Stop Log Panels

These Stop Log Panels were built with Douglas Fir #1 and btr raw material, and featured hardwood splines, neoprene bottom seals, galvanized hardware and crosby lifting eyes. They were 6" thick x 36" wide x 84" long and will be used to stop water...

Crawler Crane on Crane Mats Pad

These mats are serving several purposes; 1)  protect the pavement on the dock 2)  spread the point load across the dock (which is a concrete deck on top of steel piling) and 3) keeping the Crane isolated away from other machinery (safety). This Crane...

Timber Toby is 4 years old today!

This handsome boy is at our office every day. If you visit you can rub him behind the ear providing you give him a treat. Most days he gets a walk with Pup Country, Jamie and Jessica. Happy Birthday Timber Toby!

Crane Mats on a barge deck

Those are ITP 12" x 48" x 20' Crane Mats being used to flatten and strengthen the floor deck on a barge. The barge is about 50' wide and the mats are 40' wide on top. The great thing here is they can bolt...

Happy New Year!

We would like to wish all of our business partners a good 2022.

A quote for 2021! When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on!

Timber Stop Logs T&G

These Timber Stop Logs feature a "tongue and groove" design with a gasket to reduce leakage. The gasket is protected inside the "groove" and will stay in position as the logs are stacked. The gasket is easily replaced if it gets damaged. These particular...

Pipe saddles for 72″ Diameter Pipe

These large diameter scoops are for carrying large section piles on a barge where the danger was that they could roll. The scoops makes a nice stable "saddle" for the pile to sit in. Call us for any type of pipe saddles

Timber Stop Logs with end detail

These logs were built to accommodate a galvanized metal shoe, the shoe slid on to each end of the Stop Log and had the lifting mechanism included. Lots of work to detail for a perfect fit!

Crane Mat Bolts

Our steel bolts are made with 95% recycled steel, primarily from Canada. Our bolts are manufactured in BC, not imported. We support local manufacturing in our business, we hope you do the same!

Timber Blocking

These Douglas Fir #1 and btr blocks are going to be creosote treated and used by the railways. 8" x 12" x 27" complete with 2 holes 2" diameter. They are a spacer block. You think it, we can usually make it!

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