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Crossing Burns Bog in Delta BC

Our customer needs to cross Burns Bog to set some piles. The issue is to protect the ecological landscape in this 5000 acre one of a kind peat bog. By using Crane Mats (from Industrial Timber Products of course!) they are ensuring there will...

Long Wedges for supporting Heavy Machinery

Check these long wedges we made for a customer who is blocking up large pieces of machinery. We made 6x12" x 2-1/2" toe, 3x12" and 2x12" and we tapered them down to 3/4" at the toe. Wedges are very useful and can be used...

Digger Mats in Abbotsford!

We have a customer Riverside Equipment in Abbotsford who rent swamp pads or digger mats to the local contractor community in the Greater Vancouver Area and Fraser Valley. They also rent Volvo transfer trucks, Excavators and other associated equipment. Give Daryl a call at 604-556-0557

Crane Mat pad for a concrete tilt-up Movie Studio

There is a new movie studio being built in Burnaby! This is a massive sound stage with 60' tall walls, with concrete tilt-up construction. This job required a large "pad" of ITP Crane Mats, which had to be smooth and flat on top. The...

Gas Line Temporary Crossing

We built an Industrial Gas Line Crossing bridge. Typically this would be used by a contractor to access land that has a buried gas line they need to cross with heavy equipment. Gas line owners like Fortis BC have very specific rules about having...

DOWNTIME – Stuck in the mud?

Downtime: it's a problem for any excavator operator. If your machinery is sinking in the gumbo and can't get any production consider using Digger Mats to stop that sinking feeling. Digger Mats, sometimes referred to as Cable Mats or Swamp Pads, are 12" thick x...

Timber Bridge Install on rural driveway

Industrial Timber Products supplied a bridge to a customer in the Harrison area with a fully assembled bridge, supplied in 2 pieces 7' wide and 20' long. We also supplied 2 "mat sills" ready for installation.

The bridge spanned a small creek on a rural...

Working in Loon Sh*t

When the going gets tough our customers work on Swamp Mats, helping them move their equipment around on wet greasy ground, commonly referred to as "Loon Sh*t"! This customer is working in the Still Creek area of Burnaby, BC. The ground in this area...

Heavy Outrigger Pads on a Downtown Seattle Lift

This customer is using Industrial Timber Products heavy timber outrigger pads for a specialised lift.....with a 60t Hydraulic crane sitting on a bridge, at the Washington State Convention Center. It was necessary to spread the point load as much as possible to avoid damage...

Pipeline Contractor in Chilliwack uses Mats

Industrial Timber supplied access mats and crane mats to our customer so they could access a difficult site across a farmer's field (and more) in Chilliwack, BC. The site was soft ground and the job was to pick up and re-mediate a pipeline. The pipe...

Industrial Timber Products at Work on Montreal Bridge Project

Composed of 10,000 pre-cast concrete products, hundreds of steel tub-girder segments, dozens of 1,000-ton footings and 450-ton steel pier caps, construction of the new Champlain Bridge in Montreal has called for some seriously heavy-duty lifting. Industrial Timber Products provided crane mats to meet the demands of this massive construction project.

Crane Mats on the Fort Hills Co-Gen Site

These 4' x 20' supplied by Industrial Timber Products were used to make a large lifting platform area for the Fort Hills Co-Gen facility. Many crane hours were used to build/construct the buildings and surrounding infrastructure and by "matting" the...

Why Industrial Timber Product’s mats?

CarlWood's mats are made with the best Douglas Fir and Hemlock to ensure that the mats withstand even the harshest conditions.

Industrial Timber Product's are designed for safety in the workplace. The bolts are countersunk on each side of the mat...

South Fraser Perimeter Road

The South Fraser Perimeter Road was a major highway project for Metro Vancouver. This new highway is a four lane expressway running alongside the Fraser River. It is helping to reduce the amount of truck traffic driving on municipal roads.

Industrial Timber Products provided mats...

Willband Creek

Anyone driving along Highway 11 in Abbotsford, BC will notice the extensive amount of reclamation work that was done to improve Willband Creek Park. Sumas Remediation Services made the storm water retention facilities larger to help prevent flooding in the Matsqui Prairie. It has...

Outrigger Pads in Yellow!

These Outrigger Pads are for a Concrete Pumping company locally in Vancouver. They will place a steel pad 24" x 48" x 1/2" in the middle of the outrigger. This spreads the point load sufficiently for very heavy lifts.

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