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Quick deploy Timber Bridge with CL-625 Highway rating

Check out this installation of a 14′ wide x 20′ long Timber Bridge, supplied in 2 pieces. The installation was accomplished with a bridled lift at the integral lifting plates, clevis’s are included, into the left and right position.¬† The 2 pieces are placed together and lined up, then a 14′ rod slides through the deck and is tightened to ensure the decks stay together (and square). In this design the bridge deck is engineered as a “large flat panel” where the timbers are all “tied” together. So in the case of a heavy load the timbers act as “one”. In other words a 7′ wide flat beam that won’t shear. As usual the hard part on this installation is the abutments, which in this case was a poured concrete beam. Sometimes you can use gravel¬† and lock blocks or treated timber base mats. Nice installation here! Will provide access over this small fish bearing creek to another field.

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