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Our office remains closed to drop-in visitors. Please phone ahead to arrange an appointment time if you must visit our office, we ask everyone to practice safe social distancing. Truck and delivery drivers are OK in the yard but are asked to stay outside and maintain social distancing from employees. We will bring paperwork to you.  We have hand sanitizer at the front counter!

Our team is monitoring the situation closely to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, while continuing manufacturing operations for as long as it is safe. Any orders and inquiries can be made over the phone or by email. We are taking all necessary precautions to help limit infections and do our part to slow the spread of the virus.

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The Industrial Timber Products Team

Shop Dog on a Stop Log!

Here is Timber Toby inspecting some Timber Stop Log Panels we are building. These panels will go to Yellowknife, NWT. Stainless lifting "ears", galvanized ballast plates, all Douglas Fir Select Structural with neoprene seals.

Water Supply Tunnel – Crane Mats

A new 1 km water supply tunnel is being bored from North Vancouver to Burnaby underneath Burrard Inlet. There are large vertical shafts on each end. We have supplied Crane Mats and Timber Blocking for the project. Here are a few pictures:

Douglas Fir Timber Package

Here is a nice Douglas Fir Timber Package we did for a friend of Industrial Timber Products. The wrap-around porch and special timber framing makes for an impressive structure. The Douglas Fir T&G decking on the ceiling is also a nice touch!

Contoured Pipe Dunnage 36″ Diameter

This Pipe Dunnage is being used to load 36" OD pipe on trucks, 2 pieces of pipe on bottom of load, 1 piece of pipe centered on top of load. Dunnage is 6" x 6" x 96". This is the safest way to truck...

Ship’s Blocking

These blocks were an interesting job! The blocks are designed to fit against a ship's side and each one has multiple angles, in other words a different thickness in each corner of the block. A multi-angle wedge which led to a bit of head...

Rail Crossing Kits

We are building these Rail Crossing Kits for a customer, each "kit" comes with 5 middle pieces (between the rails) and 2 outside pieces (outside the rails). The pieces closest to the rails are bevelled to allow for the rail plates/nails to clear. This...

Floating Mats for a dock demolition

When our customer needed to demolish a large dock they needed to come up with a solution for dropping concrete waste onto a floating platform. Floating swamp mats was a quick and efficient answer. They float and they can take a lot of abuse....

Access Mats to site

Our customer used our Access Mats to bring in a thousand loads of structural fill to a site in Tsawwassen, BC. All the dump trucks ( transfer trucks) used this temporary roadway to avoid any damage to surrounding lands. Access Mats are 8' wide...

Temporary Dock!

Sometimes you need a place to dock the work boat! We supplied 4' wide x 30' long x 12" thick Crane Mats for both a ramp and the floating dock. Quick job!

Trestle Mats for Bridge Project

We supplied these Trestle Mats to create a temporary bridge beside the actual bridge under construction. The temporary bridge provided a safe driving surface for the crawler cranes, redi-mix trucks, and all ancillary vehicles. Once the construction was completed, the temporary bridge was dismantled...

Hand placed Timber Stop Logs

These hand placed small Timber Stop Logs are being used in Ontario in a difficult to reach location through a manhole. They are light enough to manhandle into position without the use of a crane. The neoprene seal in the bottom of each stop...

Timber Blocking

These blocks are simple 6" x 6" x 24" full sawn Hemlock blocks. They will be used to block under heavy cement pre-stressed modules in preparation for installation at the Vancouver Airport.

Timber Stop Logs

These Timber Stop Logs are made from Douglas Fir Select Structural and come complete with neoprene seals and galvanized lifting ears. Each piece is 6" x 6" - 10' long. These seals are designed to reduce any leakage since these Stop Logs will be...

Excavator on Mats in River

Our customer is rehabilitating a river drainage in North Vancouver. They have to walk a machine carefully up the middle of the river, staying off the bottom away from the sand and gravel. They achieved this by laying down Swamp Mats and carefully working...

Transition Mats (Timber Wedge)

Transition Mats - these are being used by a customer to "flatten" a landing zone for a Genie lift. The site is on a steep hill and this was the best value solution to keep the machine flat through many moves. We make interesting...

Mini-Access Mats

These Mini-Access Mats are used where a smaller footprint is required. These are 6' wide x 8' long x 3-1/2" thick. 99 bolts. They are 2 ply and are useful for smaller machinery like mini-excavators and bobcats. Better than laying plywood out and discarding...

Giant Transition Mats

These transition mats will be used to "flatten" a crane site on a steep hill in the urban jungle. Sometimes our customers can not find a flat place to park a crane for a lift, these wedges will allow a lift on a steep...

Mats at Vancouver’s G3 Terminal

Our mats are designed to provide a safe and stable base for heavy-duty cranes. In this photo, the mats are positioned to create a platform for the crane to operate on, this helps protect the concrete under the crane from buckling or sinking under...

Yellow Cedar Suspension Bridge Project

We love specialty projects! We supplied this suspension bridge with all new 4"x6" Yellow Cedar decking. With the natural strength and durability of Yellow Cedar, this bridge should last many years even with regular use.


This project was completed by Axis Mountain Technical.

Pipe Saddle Dunnage

These contoured pipe saddles are designed to safely hold two 48" pipes for transportation on a truck-bed. The actual dimensions of this dunnage is 4" x 6" x 102", each scoop is cut to perfectly fit the curve of each pipe.

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Special Hem/Fir Wedges for Rail Ties

These wedges are 7" one side, 5" on the opposite side and 36" long. They are rail blocking ties under a small rail line in a large tunnel. The wedge conforms to the shape of the wedge and holds the rails horizontal. This is...

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