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Digger Mats in action on a residential jobsite

This excavator is “vibrating” in soldier “H” piles with a vibro pile driver on a residential job site. This job site happens to be a peat bog. The H piles on this job go to 20′ deep and will have lagging (generally 4″ x 12″ x 6′ pieces) put between them to secure the job site and allow a deep excavation. The lagging is also vibro driven to about 8′ deep. To preserve keeping the excavator straight/true and to reduce vibration through neighbouring houses the excavator is working off of Digger Mats from Industrial Timber Products. Notice the 3/4″ drag cables in the ends of the mats. This makes repositioning the mats easy as they “sit” on 3 mats and move one mat forward. Four digger mats is all this job requires.

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