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Air Bridge for Utilities and Gas Lines

These bridges are temporary solutions for heavy equipment that needs to cross over expensive (and dangerous!) gas lines and other utilities The gas company insists that machinery stay a minimum of 48" away from a buried gas line. So there is no "river or creek" under this bridge....just "air". Trucks and service vehicles can pass over and back then the bridge is removed. 8" of "air space" must be maintained.

NOTE: recently with volatile timber prices and increased costs due to inflation we are quoting bridges individually. Please send us an e mail for a firm quote.

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  • T Thickness
  • W Width
  • L Length

Displayed pricing is for budgeting purposes, your quoted price may be lower.

Installed Size (T × W × L)
GVW Rating
Shipping Size (W × L)
(Per Item)
Min. Quantity
12" x 144" x 16' Gas Line Air Bridge
  • 12"
  • × 12'
  • × 16'
  • 30cm
  • × 3.65m
  • × 4.9m
Highway Loads
  • 8'
  • × 16'
  • (× 1 pcs)
  • 2.5m
  • × 4.9m
  • (× 1 pcs)

All products can be manufactured to custom sizes.

Displayed pricing is for budgeting purposes, your quoted price may be lower.

Product Features:

  • Easy deployment, quick set up
  • 4 pieces total, 2 abutments and 2 sides to the Air Bridge
  • Rated all H-20 Highway Loading, 12 cubic yard dump trucks, up to D-7 Caterpillar and 561 Pipelayer
  • Can also be quoted Extra Heavy-Duty to accommodate up to D-( Caterpillar and LS-78 Crawlers and 572, 583 and 594 Pipelayers

Optional Product Features:

  • Supplied with 10" x 24" x 12' timber abutments (bolted together into 1 piece)
  • Can be supplied with a "middle mat" non-structural but better for pedestrian traffic, typically not a problem as pedestrians aren't using the bridge (because there is no watercourse)
  • Can be supplied with wider abutments (sills) if in softer ground

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