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Access Mats being used for a re-decking Barge project

This is a rusty old barge….that needed a new deck (4500 square feet). This barge is used on a lake to move logging and mining equipment, some of it is tracked equipment and some is rubber tired. The bottom layer is Access Mats, which are 5-1/2″ thick x 96″ wide x 14′ long. This layer goes down quickly (every mat is 112 square feet) , then to hold it all together and make a “wear surface” a layer of 2″ x 8″ material (Hemlock) is nailed on top. This four layers of wood (total about 7″ thickness) will help to reduce wear points and point loading on the barge deck. We also supplied 4″ Douglas Fir timbers to re-deck the ramp

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