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Stop Log Panels

Stop Log Panels or gates can be custom built to deploy quickly on-site. Stop Log Panels are basically several stop logs mechanically joined together. They are used as a gate in spillways and conduits to adjust the water level or flow rate. Stop Logs allow de-watering of conduits and waterways to enable inspection and maintenance operations under dry conditions.

We are Canada’s largest timber stop log panel manufacturer.

Pricing on site is for budget purposes. All Timber Stop Log panels are custom built to order.

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  • T Thickness
  • W Width
  • L Length

Pricing current as of: October 16th, 2023

Size (T × W × L)
(Per Item)
Min. Quantity
7' Stop Log Panel 38" wide
  • 8"
  • × 84"
  • × 38"

Crosby Nut pick up points, Galvanized hardware

Douglas Fir Select Structural, Neoprene seals

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9' Stop Log Panel 10' Wide (assembly in field)
  • 10"
  • × 108"
  • × 120"

Crosby Nut pick up points

Wood splines

Douglas Fir Select Structural

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9' Stop Log Panel 4' wide
  • 12"
  • × 108"
  • × 48"

Crosby Nut pick up points

Neoprene seals

Douglas Fir Select Structural

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All products can be manufactured to custom sizes.

Pricing current as of: October 16th, 2023

Product Features:

  • Made with PEFC Certified BC Coastal sustainable timber, our Stop Logs are custom made for your required application
  • Price is per panel in CDN dollars FOB Maple Ridge, BC. Call us for pricing in US dollars

Optional Product Features:

  • Different lifting apparatus such as U-Bolt or through-bolt "ears" are available for deployment and removal of panels
  • Splines between timbers reduce leakage and add strength
  • Neoprene seals on bottom (in contact with floor)
  • Neoprene "face" seals, generally on downstream side, reduce leakage (pressing against channel)

Our Chain of Custody certification aligns with your sustainable procurement policies

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