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RailwayRail Crossing Planks / Crossing Panels

Typically Crossing Planks are supplied as 8″ x 10″ timbers (also 6″ x 10″ and 7″ x 10″). We have developed a quick deployment option when speed of installation is critical. These are Rail Crossing Panels, basically like a mat, bolted together for easy placement. Call Chris or Doug to discuss

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  • T Thickness
  • W Width
  • L Length

Pricing current as of: March 15th, 2024

Size (T × W × L)
(Per Item)
Min. Quantity
6" x 8" Half Ties
  • 6"
  • × 8"
  • × 40"

Half Ties are used to block heavy lifts and temporary repairs
We can make many different sizes but this size is a Rail Industry standard

8" x 10" Cross Planks
  • 8"
  • × 10"

8" x 10" Cross Planks are used to build industrial crossings
We can taper the ends and shape the inside corners for quick installation
Sold by the lineal foot

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Rail Crossing Panel Kit - Center (between rails) and 2 outside panels
  • 7"
  • × 50"
  • × 240"

Rail Crossing Panel Kits are used to quickly deploy a crossing that is already built to size. A small crane can drop the 7" x 50" x 20' panel into place, some quick lag screws and the crossing is ready to go. We also supply the "outside" narrow panels, which sit on the ties, they are 7" x 20" x 20'. All the panels are tapered so they sit on the ties flat and allow space for the rail plates. We can also taper the ends for service truck accessibility if necessary.


All products can be manufactured to custom sizes.

Pricing current as of: March 15th, 2024

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