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DOWNTIME – Stuck in the mud?

Downtime: it’s a problem for any excavator operator. If your machinery is sinking in the gumbo and can’t get any production┬áconsider using Digger Mats to stop that sinking feeling. Digger Mats, sometimes referred to as Cable Mats or Swamp Pads, are 12″ thick x 48″ wide x 20′ long “platforms” that can be dragged into position in front of the machine. By keeping the machine on 3 mats and swinging one out in front, a good excavator operator can “leap frog” across gumbo, mud, environmentally sensitive ground, a farmer’s field or a muskeg patch. The machine can then “sit” on the mats and operate as normal.


Should have used Digger Mats
Digger Mats!
Should have used ITP Digger Mats!


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