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Self-Erecting Tower Crane Pads

These Self-Erecting Tower Crane Pads are 8" x 78" x 78" and 8" x 38" x 39" in size. They are built with Douglas Fir 4x6 timber and D fir plywood and a plethora of heavy galvanized ardox spikes. Don't build these in your...

Hardwood Rail Car Blocking

This is the best blocking for jacking up Rail Cars where you have "steel on steel", which is a "slipping" hazard. These Hardwood blocks last for many years until they are saturated with oil and grease. The handles make them easier for the mechanics...

Concrete Pumper Truck Pads

The pumper trucks keep getting larger, the land keeps getting softer, the pads have to keep getting heavier (and longer/wider). This pumper is working in some soft soil conditions. The pads for the front outriggers are 8" thickness x 84" wide x 84" long,...

Timber Outrigger Pads

These Pads are for a new Crane acquired by a good customer.  These will sit flat with a plywood round pad on top to spread the point load. These are 8" x 48" x 72" pads complete with 3 rods and certified lifting hooks...

Hardwood Blocks (Jack Blocks)

These are some very nice hardwood blocks. We are putting a "scratch coat" on these, a sawn finish, to help them be less "slippery". They are used between metal to metal contact, generally between the jack and the rail car.

Pumper Truck Outrigger Pads

Here is something new we are trying. When concrete pumper trucks are on site to set up for a pour, generally they are reliant on a zoom boom or a bobcat to position their Outrigger Pads. Some of the operators can be a little...

Maple Briefcases…..but they are for jacking

These nice looking briefcase Jack Blocks are designed to fit on top of a jack, stuck between metal and metal, to lift Rail Cars for repairs and maintenance. They look nice enough to be coffee tables! Kiln Dried Maple is hard, laminated and bolted...

Hardwood Jack Blocks

We made these custom Hardwood Jack Blocks for a railway company to use in their Car Shop. The custom designed handles means the mechanics don't get bruised knuckles!

Maple Suitcase Jack Blocks

The Hardwood Jack Blocks are high quality enough to suffer the work load of the Railway car shop. They rest on top of steel jacks, being the "middle" between 2 pieces of steel. They stop the slippage. The heavy handle is a chain inside...

Blue Outrigger Pads

We make these special handled blue outrigger pads for a Crane Company to their own design. All plywood design, screwed and glued with poly-urethane, these set up pads are used on every job, for leveling, blocking and jacking. When they get squished in the...

Wheel Chocks!

Don't let your world roll downhill! We manufacture Wheel Chocks. These are simple plywood chocks with a rope handle.

Look here for more information

Hardwood Jack Pads

We manufacture many different Hardwood Jack Pads for a variety of industries. Often the pads are used between steel jacks and the steel equipment to reduce slippage and any scarring. Send us a message if we can help!

Ship Blocking…..a small Ship anyway!

These 12" x 12" x 24" Heavy Douglas Fir blocks are holding up a sweet 30' Grady White Sportfisher so it can receive bottom paint. This is a typical usage for our heavy blocks from 30' boats to 500' ships. Give us a call...

Outriggers on a Ferry vessel

Our special order Timber Outrigger Pads are featured in this "lift" of the engine pod of a BC Ferry. The pads spread the point load on the deck and ensure nothing gets over-loaded. These Pads are 7" high x 60" x 60" and have...

Outrigger Pads in Yellow!

These Outrigger Pads are for a Concrete Pumping company locally in Vancouver. They will place a steel pad 24" x 48" x 1/2" in the middle of the outrigger. This spreads the point load sufficiently for very heavy lifts.

Crane Pads 7″ x 60″ x 60″

These are 7" x 60" x 60" Timber Crane Pads. They will be deployed for a Grove Crane under the outriggers in a marine environment. Lifting hooks are attached to corners. Rods are 1" and are galvanised. Treatment is CCA and should last many...

Boring Machine – with Crane on ITP mats

Here is a great picture of our Crane Pads in action. You can see the Gwil Crane set up on Transition Mats under the front tires (to level the machine) and then 6' x 12' Crane Pads under the outriggers for ground support. These...

Wide Timber Pads for a bridge lift

A customer required some very wide Timber Pads. These are 10' x 10' x 12" thick. They have 3 through rods 1-1/4" diameter. The lift engineer specified this size of pad to spread the point load of the out-rigger on the crane.

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Timber Pads for steel support posts

A customer is supporting a crane on top of a cement slab parking lot. The timber pads expand the point load to reduce the chance of damage. Once the crane has moved off the above slab the steel and timbers will be removed. The...

Heavy Outrigger Pads on a Downtown Seattle Lift

This customer is using Industrial Timber Products heavy timber outrigger pads for a specialised lift.....with a 60t Hydraulic crane sitting on a bridge, at the Washington State Convention Center. It was necessary to spread the point load as much as possible to avoid damage...

Outrigger Pads in Yellow!

These Outrigger Pads are for a Concrete Pumping company locally in Vancouver. They will place a steel pad 24" x 48" x 1/2" in the middle of the outrigger. This spreads the point load sufficiently for very heavy lifts.

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