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Suitcase Jack Blocks

These are used in Railway Car Shops. Always best to put some Maple between steel to steel to stop slippage and prevent damage. These are 4" x 16" x 32"  complete with internal metal handles, they won't look very nice after a few days...

Fiddling around with FIDS!

These are Fids. Used for Rope Splicing, these are particularly large ones (2-1/4" diameter by 21" long) for log boom and barge tow ropes. A fid is used to hold open rope knots and holes in canvas, and to separate the "lays" (or strands)...

Yellow Cedar Adventure Playground

Sometimes we get involved in some interesting projects! Check this Yellow Cedar Natural Adventure Playground, this is very cool, we supplied some timbers and flooring for this build to a good customer. Lucky kids!

Timber Wedges

These timber wedges are being used by a logistics company to secure large pipe from rolling. They are 6" tall and 12" on base, 45 degree cut, making the angle about 8" long. A squirt of polyurethane and a couple of nails will hold...

Fir Wedges for a Shipyard

These are 3" x 6" x 36" wedges from 3" heel to 1" toe with a chamfered edge. These are being used at a shipyard to support sheets of steel plate before welding.

Contoured Dunnage for Dock Terminal

These contoured pipe skids were sent to a West Coast port to support some expensive coated 24" diameter pipe. Ropes around the special coated pipe keeps pipes separated when being transported. 

Big Long Sticks!

Check out these 2 long Douglas Fir Select Structural Timbers 12" x 12" x 40' long. To be used in a special trestle job! Call us for your special timbers!

Hardwood Rail Car Blocking

This is the best blocking for jacking up Rail Cars where you have "steel on steel", which is a "slipping" hazard. These Hardwood blocks last for many years until they are saturated with oil and grease. The handles make them easier for the mechanics...

Hardwood Wedges for a Shipyard

These Hardwood Wedges, that are 3" thick x 6" wide x 24" long with a chamfered 1" toe, will be used at a local shipyard for blocking up steel components prior to welding. A wedge means you can get it "just right". The advantage...

Trail Building – 6″ x 6″ Yellow Cedar

A customer is building Trails in the forest using 6" x 6" Yellow Cedar timbers for structural stairs, filling in with imported gravel. This is a good way to build fast and strong stairs on gentle slopes. This trail is on the North Shore...

More Contoured Dunnage 8″ x 8″ x 30″ pipe

This contoured dunnage is for large pipe for truck shipment. The safest way to transport Piles and Pipes. Note the 4 pipe saddles on the bottom skids and then on the other side it is 3 pipe saddles. This way the truck carries 7...


These 2 BIG Wedges are 36" tall x 36" wide and 120" long  with a 2" toe and 36" high at the heel. Used for leveling up a mobile Crane Truck on a severe slope. This slope is about 30%. Notice the yellow Certified...


this is one very sweet timber, Douglas Fir - this is for a special bench, it is 16" x 18" x 72" and would grade as better than a Select Structural. This piece of timber is definitely going for it's best and highest use!...

Contoured Dunnage AKA Pipe Saddles

this is big 30" coated pipe, being layed down in a yard close to a pipeline replacement job. This is the safest way, best practice, to inventory stacks of piles or pipes in a storage yard.  Please take a moment to gaze upon the...

Hardwood Blocks (Jack Blocks)

These are some very nice hardwood blocks. We are putting a "scratch coat" on these, a sawn finish, to help them be less "slippery". They are used between metal to metal contact, generally between the jack and the rail car.


these 20" x 20" Douglas Fir Timbers will be used as benches in a high end development. We have resawn them and trimmed them to exact length. They will get sanded and detailed by the customer. Beautiful wood! Notice the cover boards we put...

Pipe Saddles – with nice green carpet!

These Pipe Saddles are 8" x 8" x 102" designed for 30-3/8" diameter special coated pipe. They will rest on carpet so the coating will not get damaged in transport. Also called Contoured Dunnage, these are double sided so they can stack up several...

Heavy Timber Support Blocks

These blocks are SOLID!

Solid timber that is.....18" wide x 42" tall x 42" long, these are timber support blocks for a heavy lift being done in BC next week. The challenge here was to make the wood perfectly square and perfectly the right length...

Vee Blocks! for a shipyard

This ship yard needed to stack large diameter shafts in the maintenance area on the ship. These blocks will be used to secure the shafts (in the vee) while they are being worked on and stop them from rolling away and shifting on the...

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